TGI Piedays is a celebration of our two favorite things: pies, and Fridays.
We’ll be posting our favorite pie recipes, as well as pie-related things we
love around the web and beyond. What are you making this pieday?




Darcy is a Birmingham based writer and recipe developer
with a serious thing for pie. She currently works at Cooking Light magazine
as their Assistant Food Editor, dishing out  recipes,food product/kitchen
gadget recommendations, culinary trend-spots, and  booze coverage.
When she’s not force feeding her colleagues gin in between meetings,
Darcy is most likely in her mini kitchen experimenting with custard,
in her bed writing about experimenting with custard, or in
Atlanta  playing with Sarah’s cuter-than-yours puppy.


Sarah is a graphic designer born and raised in
downtown Atlanta. During the day she works at Paste Magazine
as their lead designer and design section editor, balancing
creative projects and interns, as well as design coverage for
the website. In the evenings she volunteers for Good Thinking ATL,
a creative agency that provides pro bono work for Atlanta nonprofits.
On weekends, she blogsabout design, food, and travel.

Sarah currently lives in Cabbagetown with
her cute boyfriend and even cuter puppy.