Friday Pie-Spiration (July 24, 2015)

You know those weeks when all days run together into a single mass of go!go!go! and you have to rely on your phone to get a vague idea of what the date is because you could swear you were still in the first half of July, but actually you’re way into the second half?

Cool. Us too.

We know those weeks. And it seems like during those weeks, sometimes, the best thing to do is to legit stop and stare at pretty things for like 5 minutes. Stop, stare, calm down, and get inspired to get moving again and making pretty things for other people to stare at. That’s what we did this week. It felt good. And here are some of the most ins-pie-red images that made usĀ  happy on the Instagram (i.e. one of our favorite internet holes to hide in).

Look at the pretty pies. Then go make your own pretty this weekend–and share it so we can stare at it. Thanks. #TGIPieday

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