It’s Memorial Day Weekend! (May 5, 2015)

Folks, we’re heading into a government-sanctioned holiday weekend, and that means 3 things:

1. I was able to go home early today. Score.

2. We have a whole extra weekend day for activities!

3. You best plan a project or two today so that all of those nice pretty bonus hours aren’t sucked into a dark abyss of crap you’ve already seen on Netflix and/or trying to wield investigative Facebooking to help you find a semi-solid answer as to whether or not a real life pregnancy pact occurred during your senior year of high school.

Let it go. It’s over. You weren’t invited to partake anyway. Make a pie.


Photo by Gina Yu

Since it’s Memorial Day weekend and nothing much says Americana lovin’ from the oven like a classic apple pie plopped with a scoop of vanilla, that’s probably not a bad place to start. Not to toot any horns, but we kind of happen to love ours… it’s truly the Apple of our Pie.

That said, the macaroon crust on this coconut cream pie seems like something I need in my life (the rest of the pie doesn’t sound too miserable either). But going back to fruit, introducing strawberry to rhubarb is the right thing to do right now. And honestly, it may very will be the only successful matchmaking you ever manage to do–take advantage, savor the juicy success.

Personally, I think meringue is dumb, but if you’re into that sort of thing (it’s totally a thing, I’m weird and rude), this looks lovely legit. Wanna do something crazy cool? Two words for you: pretzel pie. Buttermilk pie is great, but buttermilk pie crusted in cornmeal and lard sounds like something we should all experience at some point or another, right? If you’re feeling both savory and celebratory, you should definitely have friends over and hand them a party in a jar.

Then hand them another. And if anyone comes back at you and says that chicken pot pie doesn’t feel very Memorial Day-ish, you tell them that chicken pot pie has no season; chicken pot pie is eternal, omnipresent, and evergreen… and if they have a problem with that, sorry we’re not sorry, they can leave. More for us. I doubt any of your friends are so brutish, though.

Now, supposing you need a soundtrack for all of this weekend productivity, no worries, Nothing in the House so has you covered

Happy weekend!


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