It’s National Donut Day! (June 6, 2015)


I have a nasty habit of refusing to treat Friday like a normal day of the work week. Most people have certain realities they utterly refuse to accept, and Friday being a normal day of the work week is [one of] mine. I’d assume I’m not alone. Fridays are a special gateway to the weekend, but spending most of your daylight hours in the same place as you spend the rest of your work week just happens to be a part of crossing that sweet bridge into two days filled with doing the junk you don’t have the time or energy or mentality for during the rest of the week. That being the case, from my POV, you have to celebrate the entirety this magical day. And when you’re still stuck at the office… that means: drinking beer, bringing pie to share, having lengthier hallway conversations, and taking more time than you should to look at random items on the internet that have next to nothing to do with what you’re being paid to do. Like the pies that should be made this week.


I’m really bummed, because I had every intention of making this here Negroni Pie from Brooklyn’s sassy and fantastic Butter & Scotch last night. Because it’s Negroni Week. And I really love Negronis. And pie. And I love the people I drink Negronis with and feed pie to. But  annoyingly dumb life obstacles–like Fresh Market (my on-the-way-home grocery store) not carrying sweet vermouth or campari and my creepy new downstairs neighbors making it really unpleasant to spend any extended amount of time in my own apartment or the fact that sticking some sub-par sushi and a martini into my face made my sad self too tired to figure out ways around the first 2 obstacles–popped up in my way. But it sounds so fun and I think we should all still totally try it.

OR since today is National Donut Day, making a Donut Pie would also be totally valid. A lot of places are handing out free donuts today in celebration… but if you had a donut pie, I reckon that would make you the master of ceremonies. Which is kind of a big deal. Kid you not, this morning, I definitely considered layering donuts in the bottom of a pie plate and topping them with warm jelly and whipped cream because I had nothing else to offer for TGIPieday. It was a desperate moment. I wouldn’t advise going there. I mean, I think it’d be funny, but that’s just my weird sense of humor. This Glazed Donut Pie from Domestic Rebel looks far more reliable.

That’s all I got. Happy TGIPieday–go find free fried dough, please and thank you.


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